Welcome to Pro Leaf CBD

We Stood Up

When asked why we created Pro Leaf CBD, we have a very simple answer...

We stood up.

CBD advancements and continued research have been going on for some time now. However, due to certain stigmas and miseducation creating political interference, the advancement of CBD products has been quite slow. This is unfortunate because CBD has so much to offer the world, but people are seeing the potential benefits and our business is allowed to share our craft CBD  products with you under the Farm Bill as enacted by Congress. 

We have all suffered anxiety, lost members of our family to depression, and suffered from insomnia. We got sick and tired of using traditional remedies for these conditions only to have them fail when we needed them the most. When we began this journey we had to fight through our own stereotypical fears in order to try an alternative healing practices like CBD. 

We Took A Chance

At some point, you get sick of walking the line, and you take a chance. For us, that chance was discovering the benefits of CBD. CBD comes from the careful cultivation of the Hemp-Flower, which is then processed and produced into products like CBD Oil, CBD Edibles, CBD Vapes, CBD Skin Products, CBD Tinctures and all kinds of other applications. CBD is even starting to be used in generalized consumer products, such as CBD Drinks, CBD Smoothies, CBD Food Additives and more.

With so many CBD products out on the market now, finding a high-quality product with a good amount of CBD produced within federal THC requirements can be very difficult. We take all the guesswork out of this process and craft our own enhanced full spectrum CBD oil that is certified, potent, and effective enough to potentially provide the greatest quality of life improvements. We researched and tested until we completely fulfilled our mission, which is to provide a simple, easy to use CBD oil that cuts right to point.

We Hand Craft CBD Hemp Oil

We have hand-crafted a product that cuts through all the noise in the world of CBD to give you exactly what you want: no BS. We guarantee 100% that you will enjoy using our products or we will provide your money back, no questions asked. Whether you are new and just discovering the benefits of CBD for the first time or you're a well-seasoned advocate of CBD usage, chances are there is something here for you.

We stood up, we said no to BS, and we stand behind you.

Welcome to the Pro Leaf CBD Family!

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