About ProLeaf

We started with a simple goal, we wanted a full spectrum CBD tincture that would taste great. We wanted to be able to use the hemp from our farm in Pahrump, NV and work with our friends.


About Our Tinctures

At Pro Leaf we love full spectrum CBD oil‘s, we use high-quality ingredients like organic olive oil, MCT oil, natural flavorings, and organic agave for a touch of sweetness. Our tinctures contain both full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. The higher dose bottles contain more isolate in order to maintain consistency and flavor.

We use full spectrum CBD so you will get a range of cannabinoids and some natural flavors which we think are awesome but some people find it just a little bit bitter. Because we use full spectrum oil there are trace amounts of THC delta 9 found in our products, this means that if you are a daily user of our CBD tincture it’s possible that the THC level would build up on a long enough basis to cause you to fail a drug test, so be advised.


Is CBD Legal?

YES, but... (I am not a lawyer so this is not to be construed as giving legal advice) So this is a very complicated issue the simple answer is yes. But it’s yes based on some certain conditions. In order to be legal in the USA CBD must be produced, marketed and sold through and approved US department of agriculture research and development program. The US Department of Agriculture delegates this authority to individual states department of agriculture and certain universities. Our products are manufactured marketed and distributed by NutriCo limited an approved research and development program of the Nevada Department of agriculture which complies fully with the United States department of agriculture. You can see our certificate here.


How do I know if the company I’m buying from has an approved Department of Agriculture R&D program?

They should have a certificate that looks somewhat like ours, notice that ours is not just a certificate to grow it but to handle the product which concerns manufacturing in sales under Nevada statutes.


Are products still legal if there is THC in them?

Ours are! Produced in compliance with the Nevada Industrial Hemp program, our products contain less than 0.3% THC delta 9 on a dry weight basis. Our CBD products do not cause intense psychoactive reactions like THC products can and do not have psychotoxic effects. 

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