Prostate cancer is a disease that has been affecting men of all ages for many years. It is estimated that a man dies from prostate cancer every 18 minutes, which equals out to about 29,430 men a year. Finding Prostate Cancer, during its early stages is key to having a higher rate of successful treatment and recovery. 97% of cases of Prostate Cancer, happen at 50 or older, however, it can occur at just about any age. There has been many awareness campaigns, aimed at education on prostate cancer, detection methods etc. Typical treatment of Prostate Cancer can involve surgery, chemotherapy and many other methods, depending on stage and severity. Each treatment comes with side-effects and may affect you differently. It is important to ask a lot of questions and confer with your medical doctor regularly, to make sure you are getting the most effective treatment regimen for your Prostate Cancer. 

When considering treatment, pain management, appetite control and other components that may go into treating this disease, CBD tends to become more and more of an option. CBD has been shown in research models to do everything from managing pain, controlling cancer, to stimulating appetite and helping with anxiety and mood. A recent research article from Scientific Research has shown CBD oil involved in Anti-Cancer activity, on Prostate Cancer cell lines. An incredible article from the National Library of Medicine has shown some promising research, on CBD inhibits prostate carcinoma growth. 


When exploring CBD for possible treatment or management of your Prostate Cancer, you should always confer with your medical doctor before starting use. If you do decide to pursuit CBD as part of your treatment regiment, then a high-quality product like Pro Leaf CBD might be a good place to start. Pro Leaf CBD is a full spectrum CBD tincture, which currently has 4 strength levels to choose from. How you use CBD, depends on many factors such as weight, overall health, chemical makeup and more. It is sometimes advised, that you start out slow, and eventually work up to where you find the most benefit. You can also do research, work with your doctor and support groups, to explore the best ways to take a CBD Tincture. Pro Leaf CBD is made with legal industrialized hemp, which means it has to be below 0.3% THC. 

Use CBD for Prostate Cancer

CBD may have many potential benefits to help you with your journey with Prostate Cancer. It is important you research how it could be used to best support you, and when searching for a CBD product, you find a product that is certified and able to provide the most benefit.

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