CBD has become more and more of a popular topic over the last few years, especially since some of the regulations on Cannabis products have become more relaxed. As research continues with CBD and its potential benefits, it is becoming more apparent that the uses for CBD, will continue to increase. CBD’s main function is to control inflammation, and it does this by reacting with special receptors in your body (CB1 & CB2). If you can control inflammation, then, in theory, you can control other issues as well. 

When you exercise, you tend to make micro tears in your muscles and tissues, in which your body responds to this with inflammation. Inflammation can be a good thing, but sometimes too much inflammation can lead to unnecessary pain, fatigue, and eventually results from working out, may be affected. Many individuals who exercise regularly, will combat inflammation through anti-oxidant rich foods, ice baths, and anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen. 

Using CBD for Muscle Recovery

Many people that exercise regularly, have begun to incorporate CBD into their regiment as a work out recovery. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and its current lack of side effects (CBD is fairly new, and has not been studied enough to determine any long-term side-effects) has become more and more popular as quality CBD products have become more available. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory effects, which may help increase workout effectiveness and recovery times. CBD is different than other Cannabis products, because it is rich in Cannabidiol and contains Low THC, which is the psychoactive component of Cannabis plants. Research has shown, CBD works with your bodies natural Cannabidiol system, to help control inflammation.  

Use CBD for Muscle Recovery

As always, when looking into using CBD for any reason, you should do your research on CBD products available, and which products would work best for you. When you begin your search, you will find many companies out there, selling CBD products. It is important to ensure the company has a certification from a 3rd party lab, which they can provide to you. This lets you know the product is indeed within legal THC levels and is legitimately a real CBD product. The uses of CBD only continues to increase, and with continued research, education, and awareness, CBD will be here to stay, long into the future.

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