Cannabidiol or CBD, as it is commonly referred to, works with naturally occurring Cannabinoids in our system. Research has suggested, that regular use of CBD may have potential health benefits, as well as assisting with chronic pain. Many who have used CBD for pain management, have claimed success without the side effects, associated with many prescription medications. CBD works to suppress certain CB1 and CB2 receptors, which researchers have shown, may contribute and help manage pain. 

What Does The Research Say?

Here are some common conditions and supporting research, for using CBD to manage pain:


  • An article from the European Journal of Pain has shown that a study involving topical CBD oil on rats, has shown a significant reduction in signs of inflammation and pain. Thanks to studies like this, individuals using CBD for arthritis pain, may find relief

Multiple Sclerosis: 

  • With muscle spasms, being one of the most common symptoms of MS, studies have found that CBD may reduce the intensity of these symptoms. More human studies are needed, however, many users have reported some improvement, while using CBD. 

Chronic Pain:

  • The same report that detailed studies about CBD use for MS also reviewed uses for chronic painAnother study, which was completed by the Journal of Experimental Medicine has also supported CBD use for chronic pain. Many users have claimed beneficial relief from chronic pain, by using CBD products

cbd for chronic pain


There have been many studies completed, which have supported the use of CBD for chronic pain management. It should also be noted that many more studies will have to be completed, in order to further support the effectiveness of using CBD products for pain. Further research, depends on users being vocal and continuing to educate others on how using CBD Products, have benefited them. We encourage those that are exploring CBD use for improving quality of life, should perform their own research, and consult with a physician before starting a CBD regiment. 

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