How it all starts?

Inflammation is a ‘double-edged’ sword when it comes to how it affects the body and ultimately affects your life. Inflammation is the bodies’ natural defense against incoming invaders and helps heals wounds. Inflammation, when controlled, is a good thing; however, when it gets out of control, and starts to affect your overall health, it becomes something else entirely. Inflammation may actually cause chronic issues, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and others. 

What does this have to do with CBD?

CBD Oil is a natural anxiolytic, which means it controls and lowers amygdala & increases prefrontal cortex activation, which is two parts of the brain, involved in anxiety. CBD’s effect on controlling inflammation may naturally help control anxiety as well. What does this all mean? Research has indicated, that CBD Oil’s affect to reduce inflammation and anxiety, may also provide natural relief from quite a few chronic conditions.  

Hemp versus Marijuana?

One of the main differences between Hemp and Marijuana is THC vs. CBD. Hemp plants are mainly cultivated to provide high levels of CBD and low to no THC levels. Depending on what you are trying to treat, and perhaps the type of work you do, THC vs CBD ratios, may be really important to you. Those seeking the use of CBD, tend to be very interested in controlling inflammation. Products high in CBD have been shown to affect the CB1 & CB2 receptors, controlling the causes of inflammation. 

How does Pro Leaf CBD fit into all of this?

Pro Leaf CBD, contains high levels of CBD while maintaining less than .3 % THC 9. The federal government maintains a standard of less than .3% THC, in order to be considered industrial hemp. Those that are looking for relief from inflammation, have found that a product with a high concentration of CBD, tends to have the most benefit. Pro Leaf CBD’s Signature Tincture contains high levels of CBD, which is tested and verified by a 3rd party lab. Our CBD is manufactured and produced by a licensed hemp handler, regulated by the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture. Knowing the truth about your CBD product, and where it comes from is extremely important, when trying to manage any type of chronic illness. 

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